Learning Management System

Learning Management System is a supplementary programme designed to track the progress of every employee in the workforce taking E-Learning Courses or lessons and lectures via Virtual Class. This ensures employers and managers have the latest and most accurate information on the training of employees.

Learning Management System provides up-to-the-moment data on the progress of trainees, updates on which courses have been completed by each employee and gives fundamental insight on the strengths and weaknesses of each employee. Aside from tracking progress, Learning Management System comes with features that allow employees to create timetables, schedule classes, easily store and access large amounts of data, and much more, providing all the tools and necessary information for them to make the correct decisions on their employees.

With the ability to emulate real issues that arise in various office situations, Learning Management System assures well rounded training for employees at each level in every department. This method engages trainees more than conventional training, and thereby improves their capabilities of completing their tasks.

In order to work towards the goal of excellently trained employees, monitor their progress is of utmost necessity. Learning Management System allows corporations, regardless of their size or structure, to turn to a more modern and digital approach for collaboration between employers, employees, trainers, trainees, managers, executives and all other parties. It functions as an ideal coordinator and intermediary between employee undergoing training and the employer who it concerns, and ensures optimal performance in the work place.