Interactive Whiteboard

SmartBoard is an interactive whiteboard designed to function with the combination of a whiteboard, computer and projector, thereby linking three vital teaching tools while eradicating the need to purchase and maintain each component individually.

As it is an exceptionally versatile instrument, SmartBoard allows teachers to combine the two most important facets of teaching: interaction and presentation. From teaching primary school goers to advanced students, for presentations for large groups or for dedicated interactive classes for smaller numbers, SmartBoard is suitable for almost all educational environments.

Interactive whiteboards stimulate younger audiences by providing a fun, attractive and appealing brand of learning. In particular, primary school children are more responsive to the multi-dimension learning approach provided.

Conversely, older users will find immensely helpful the broad range of uses and applications of SmartBoard, allowing them to learn difficult lessons quickly and comprehensively with the support of visual and audio aides.

Arguably one of the most important factors of SmartBoard is its efficiency in removing the need for multiple computers and/or whiteboards. Moreover, there is a long-term reduction of classroom expenses, by decreasing the need for classroom supplies such as markers, erasers, blackboards and glass boards.