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Speakers at a seminar have emphasized the importance of utilizing e-learning for the human capital development of the country.

Core Knowledge Ltd organised the seminar on e-learning for skills development at the venue of BASIS SoftExpo which concluded recently, said a press release.

At the seminar, Prof Mostafa Azad Kamal, ex- director of e-learning centre of Bangladesh Open University (BOP), showed how e-learning is growing at a faster rate across the globe.

Fazle Rabbi, deputy secretary of the public administration ministry, explained why they have developed a number of e-learning courses for flexibility and large coverage of their own personnel despite having a good number of own training institutes.

Mustafa Raihanul Alam, head of Talent Acquisition and Development, shared how e-learning is successfully being used in the corporate arena for many years in Bangladesh.

He emphasised that apart from ensuring the quality of content, making e-learning programmes successful depends much on how the programme is implemented with appropriate means of motivation for the learners.

Enamul Kabir, director (training) of Bangladesh Computer Council, mentioned that cultural barrier to adopt self-motivated learning programmes has been an important issue for Bangladesh not being able to advance in e-learning the way it should have been.

ABM Khorshed Alam, CEO of NSDC, stressed that e-learning is the only way to develop huge unskilled manpower in a short span of time and NSDC is already considering utilising e-learning for the same reason very soon.

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