Live Virtual Class

Live Virtual Class

Live Virtual Class allows teachers and students separated by either time, distance or both to still take part in classes with each other. No matter the obstacle or situation, Live Virtual Class ensures that classes go on.

Through Live Classes, teachers may take interactive classes if he or she cannot be there physically, or pre-record lectures and lessons for students, either individuals or in groups, to learn from at different times. Teachers may also simultaneously take classes of multiple students who are at different places. For a wide range of activities, Live Virtual Class provides the resources to make it possible.

Live Virtual Class gives smooth, unlimited, uninterrupted two-way or multi-way audio and video chatting between teachers and students. This allows teachers to interact and speak to a number of students at once, or one at a time. Students also have the ability to ask questions and be part of discussions with either the teachers or their peers.

Live Virtual Class also provides a number of teaching tools, such as the ability to demonstrate ideas on interactive whiteboards, the option for students to use virtual notebooks, screen sharing with multiple parties, real-time content sharing and streaming.

Other functions include attendance charts, downloadable management resources, multi-lingual interfaces, options to survey and gather feedback and the ability to record classes for later use.

Live Virtual Class ensures classes and education continue without the need for teachers and students to be physically present next to each other. With a large variety of tools, options and functions, Live Virtual Class brings education to you anytime, anywhere.